Every July 4th my soul boils
It erupts, it screams something fierce
The shouts, the anger eclipsing all emotion
There is a fight going on within my spirit
Untold voices speak out in violence
Screams once mere dreams, now reality escaping minds
The sound of thousands of feet marching
Old hearts racing, those once ceased beating
The 4th day of the 7th once signaled their fate
One side of my spirit screaming bloody murder
Outcries of injustice done against mother nature
A once red land now bathed in red
One that flows with the life energy now drained
The unlucky 13 brought about death
The other side, a spirit chained down
While the “chosen” celebrate, they slave
Cooking over hot stoves and working under hot suns
The 7th month of the year was the hottest
The bells rang, not for freedom but in murder
Papoose sacrificed under one by three
While Kunta is whipped 10 times by three
They scream 666,
but the One and the Three is the mark of the devil
Alchemist bind them birthing a demon bambino
Pledge to the blood seed
Baptized in the red blood of a black tube
And as he grew into a man,
he said lets hold hands and lets celebrate
Celebrate the day I slayed you and chained you
Celebrate the day I raped Terra
And I kept the original Gods subdued

Every 4th of July, two spirits violently wail
Their pain, the anger, their thirst for acknowledgment
Every 4th day of the 7th month in a 12 long stretch,
they continue their battle
They beg to not be forgotten by those they left behind
My soul boils in blood and hatred
Not for the individual, but for the symbol
For the meaning, for the losses and gains
Unlucky, One (1) and three(3) marks the devil
Combined they forge forth(4) a celebration


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