Bloody New Moonpart III

The docks were several blocks away from The Birds Nest. The bar was located on Saints Ave while the dock were across town down Williamson St. Not a far walk for Jacob to take, he just wished that it wasn’t pouring rain. He pulled his hood further over his face to keep the rain out of his eyes. The streets were abandoned on this cold night. No one but a fool would be caught out in this storm. That last thought made Jacob chuckle. An old fool he was, still playing detective after all these years. He is suddenly startled out of his thoughts by a sound from a nearby alley.
He stopped and paused for a second. He looked towards the alley’s direction. It was too dark for him to properly see and the rain was blurring his vision.  Jacob begins to take a step forward towards the alley when suddenly he hears a loud bang and notices a flash.
Jacob dives down onto the ground as quickly as he can. The bullet barely scratches his arm as he hits the sidewalk. He rolls behind a trash can for limited coverage and pulls out a revolver from under his coat. The attacker fires off two more shots that miss Jacob before he takes off down the alley.
Jacob peaks out one more time before he sprints out from behind the trash can. He heads down the alley after the culprit. He spots his shooter and fires off a shot with the bullet hitting the wall as the runner turns the corner.
“Damn it I missed,” yells Jacob to himself. “I really wish John was here right now. He was always a better shot than I was.”
He hits the corner in full sprint behind the culprit casing him down the block. The attacker hits a gate and goes over it with Jacob quickly behind him. As Jacob goes over the gate like a man half his age, he observes his surroundings. They were at the cotton factory. That means that his attacker must be heading for the docks which were right next to the factory. This was more of a short cut that many of the kids would take rather than walking around the block.
As Jacob enters the shipyard he can see the ships docked in the background. He has lost sight of his target. The tall piles of crates and containers gave his would be killer too many perfect places to hide and possibly ambush him. So, Jacob proceeds with caution, revolver out and ready. He checks every crack and every shadow. He hears a noise behind him and nearly jumps out of his shoes before he realizes that it was just a cat. As he takes a deep sigh of relief, a figure jumps out from the top of a tower of crates and falls upon Jacob.
Jacob’s gun is knocked out of his hand. He manages to wrestles his attackers gun away from him as it goes flying. The man pulls out a knife from his boot and slashes Jacob in the chest. Jacob kicks his assassin off of him and crawls towards his gun. The attacker quickly regains his feet and breaks off into full sprint after Jacob. Jacob barely reaches his gun before the figure is on top of him.
Jacob turns and fires off several blind shots. The attacker pauses and halts his assault with his weapon held over his head ready for a strike. He looks down and notices the blood quickly coming from his abdominal area. He clutches his stomach as he takes several steps back. His eyes open up wide with surprise as he falls backwards and collapses.
Jacob stands up, gasping for air. He feels the wound on his chest burning, never mind the fact that he was still bleeding from the small scratch he received when he was shot at earlier. He walks over towards the man bleeding to death on the ground. The man is soaked in rain water but Jacob can clearly make out his features. He was middle aged, a balding man. He was missing a few teeth, obviously had never been to a dentist. His clothing was dirty and he smelled as if he hadn’t had a bath in days. Jacob began to wonder if this was the man that he had set off to find.
Before he could finish he thoughts, he hears a loud bang. Jacob looks down at his chest feeling a burning pain. The blood is quickly pouring out of Jacob’s body. He leans back against a crate a slowly slides down in pain dropping his gun.
Out of the shadows steps and tall figure. Dressed in a black cloak with a hood over his face. He releases a slight chuckle, proud of what he has down. His boots made little to no noise as he walked, obviously some sort of expensive leather. In his hand, he held a silver revolver. Quite plane, nothing special about it.
The figure stops over the gasping attacker laying on the ground. The attacker reaches up to him in a plea for help. The shadowy figure just laughs. “I figured that this piece of sailor trash wouldn’t be able to kill you but if by chance he did, things still would of worked out in my favor,” says the figure.
Jacob tilts his head to the side. His mind could be playing tricks on him in his painful state but the voice from under the hood sounded awfully familiar.
The figure looks back at Jacob. “It was too easy to frame this idiot,” the figure explains as he slowly removes his hood.
Jacob’s eyes open wide with surprise as he recognizes the face of his shooter. The face of the young Michael Carter. “Michael, you but why?” Jacob asks in a wheezing voice.
“Why you ask,” Michael begins to explain. “I guess I can give that to you as a parting gift from this world. That bitch Sarah, always so cocky turning down my advances. So many other women in this shit for a town would love to be in her place, but NO! She continuously turned me down. After seeing the incident between her and this piece of trash the other day, I began to formulate my plan.”
Hearing what Michael had said, it confirmed Jacob’s suspicions about who his originally attacker was, Skippy. Jacob figures that he must stall Michael. “Michael, this makes no sense, please stop. You’ll never get away with this. Don’t throw away your life, I can help you,” pleads Jacob.
“Please don’t interrupt me Jacob,” responds Michael. “I know the kind of men like Skippy here. They are bottom feeders and willing to do anything for money and to save their own lives. So, I hired Skippy here to kill you knowing that you would come knocking with the evidence I planted.”
Jacob’s eyebrow raised at that statement and then it hit him. “THE ROPE,” exclaimed Jacob.
“Bingo old man,” answered Michael. I knew you recognized the rope for what it was. I had heard about how good of a detective you had used to be when you were a member of the force. The key phrase being, ‘used to be,” Michael says with a laugh.
“But why, why damn it? You had already killed her when you strangled her, why did you have to tie her up and stab her so many times?” yelled Jacob in anger. It was more so that maybe someone nearby could hear him rather than in frustration.
Jacob begins to maniacally laugh.  “It’s as I told you, she kept turning me down. Me of all people, MICHAEL CARTER!!!” NO ONE TURNS ME AWAY,” yells Michael in clear anger. Michael begins to re-collect himself. I even asked for her hand in marriage and she turned me down. I went to her father and his goons threw me out. This will show them all!”
Jacob shakes his head at the twisted young man. “Color me not impressed Michael, I thought better of you,” sighs Jacob hoping that John would get there faster.
Michael’s head twist to the side. He contains a look in his eyes that gives Jacob the shivers. “You’re right Jacob, I am twisted. At first, this was just revenge but as I stood over her body stabbing her over and over again, I felt this thrill of ecstasy. It was an orgasmic feeling, the knife slicing through her skin. I literally came in my pants feeling this sense of lust as the knife made love to her body,” says Michael as he wrapped his arms around himself licking his lips.
Jacob can’t believe what he is seeing. The innocent man that he thought he once new is now a psychotic killer. Somehow he would have to get this piece of filth off the earth if he can survive this night. He begins to reach for his gun and…..
“I would not do that if I was you Jacob,” interrupts Michael.
Jacob looks up and sees Michael looking down on him with a smile. “Michael, please don’t do this,” begs Jacob. “I can help you.”
“I am beyond help,” says Michael. “I’m actually enjoying who I have become. I’m in love with the thrill. Now you have stalled long enough. Say high to Sarah when you see her.”
Before Jacob could respond or protest, two loud shots are fired off. For a split second, Jacob felt no pain. Things began to fad to black. He was sorry that he wouldn’t be able to see his friend one more time, but he felt even worse that he had failed to bring Sarah’s killer to justice.
Michael stands over Jacob’s deceased body. He breathes heavy as he kisses his gun. He then turns and looks at the dying Skippy who is still holding on for dear life. “I must applaud you Skippy, you’ve got more fight in you than I thought,” says Michael with a grin. He proceeds to pick up Jacob’s revolver. “I have to make it look like you killed each other, that way the investigation ends here.”
Michael points the revolver and fires off one shot into the chest of Skippy. Skippy takes his final breath as his eyes close and he finally leaves this plane. Michael places Jacob’s revolver back into his hand and wraps the fingers around the gun. He then takes his gun and puts it into Skippy’s hand and does the same.
Michael begins walking away from the docks before someone comes across the scene. He removes his gloves and tosses them into the water. As he walks away he whistles to himself a tune with a sly grin disappearing into the dark moonless night.


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