Enter The Specter

Wind, 5 miles South by Southwest. No obstructions, target in sight, range 26 hundred meters. All’s clear, he pulls the trigger. The bullet dances through the air slicing through the silent night sky and in the far off distance, a lone figure drops to the ground. His brains decorating the wall he was leaning on as alarms sound all around.
Troops and squadrons scramble around trying to gain some order. Mobilizing to discover their intruder but little do they know that by the time they find where the shot came from, the shooter shall be long gone.
He stands up from his position. Throws his rifle over his shoulder and walks off towards the bike off in the near distance. He starts the engine and begins to ride off. The bike was custom made, with an engine that ran as silent as a ghost. The all black paint was special. No light would reflect off of it so it was invisible to the naked eye at night. It’s shielding blocked out heat so heat sensors could not locate it. He was invisible to all, a Specter.
As he rode off into the night, he pressed a button on the dash which revealed a long distance communication device. “Skinny, come in. Skinny, you there?” said the man.
“Yeah, I’m here,” said Skinny on the other side of the transmission. “Well then, if you’re contacting me then I’m assuming that the job is done then Specter.”
“Of course, was there any doubt?” Specter replied. “You must of forgotten who I am. So inform the client and make sure they place the funds in my bank account. I’m coming back home.”
“Check, I got you but before you head on home, we have another job offer,” answered Skinny.
Specter was silent for a minute. He had been out in that god forsaken South American jungle for days scouting and waiting for the best moment to take out the drug lord there. He was hot, tired and wanted some quality food and shower. “Fine, what’s the job?” asked Specter.
“A politician, Washington D.C,” said Skinny. “Much better than any sweaty jungle, don’t you agree? They want the target eliminated along with her family. Apparently she’s trying to push some sort of legislation that our potential client doesn’t agree with and would hurt their business.”
Specter could care less about the reason, just as long as the clients paying. But this job sounds like a simple yet messy one. They want the politician and her family done away with. He’ll have to make them pay top dollar.
He pulls up and suddenly stops the bike. “Skinny….tell them I’ll take it, but for no less than 5 million U.S. Half now and the other half once the job is done. You know how it works.”
A few minutes pass without a response from Skinny. Specter had the patience of a god who had lived on for centuries but even he hated to be kept waiting over simple shit.
Just as he was starting to get irritated, Skinny came back on the com.
“It’s a done deal Spec,” said Skinny. “I’ve already booked your flight……first class of course. Your flight leaves in five hours.”
Specter starts up the bike and begins to speed back off into the dark. “Right, I’m on my way out Skinny, mission accepted.”

23 hours later, the plane touches down at Washington Dulles International. First thing to do was to rent himself a car and grab himself a hotel room. A warm bed and AC would feel so much better than camping out in the jungles. No time for pleasure though. It was time to scout out his target.
Specter pulls up to the address that was the supposed house of his target, Mary Winthrop. She served on the U.S. Senate and has done so for five years. Her political career had lasted three times as long, starting off during her days serving as Mayor.
Just in luck was Specter as his target seemed to be home as well as her family. She was married with three kids, one boy and two girls. Her husband, a retired Marine, now working as an adviser to the White House. He looked to still be in military shape. In a straight up fight he may prove a small distraction……maybe.
The kids were 10, 9 and 6 years old with the boy being the oldest of the three. The neighborhood was quiet. Not a lot of cars or people traffic which was perfect. But it would still be better to use a silencer for this job. Wouldn’t want to alert too many people or any just happening to pass by.
Specter drove off, heading back to his hotel to prepare for the nights main event. He would formulate a plan, get in and get out as was his usual. That’s how he earned his name. He was often never seen by his targets and those who did see him, none lived to tell the tale and he left no traces. It was as if he was never there at all.

Night falls and Specter pulls up to the house. Not in his rental car, but one stolen from a parking garage in downtown. Even though he always used an alias, he would rather cover all his tracks just in case.
He rolls down the window looking towards the house. Everyone seems to be home and it seems to be dinner time. He sees a young boy riding his bike down the street.
“Hey kid, come here a sec will ya,” hollers Specter. “How would you like to make an easy 50 bucks kid?”
The doorbell rings as the family is getting ready to sit down for dinner. The husband looks through the peep whole and sees a man and child holding what looks to be a box of chocolates. “Looks like its one of the school kids or something Mary. Seems he’s selling chocolate with his father.”
He opens the door, “well what do we have here,” says the husband. Selling chocolate tonight are we?”
“Yes sir, I’m raising money so my class can go to New York and see the site where the Towers fell. Our teacher says it’s something we should all see as part of American History and as Americans ourselves,” said the boy.
The kid said his lines just as Specter had told him to. A politician and former Marine, pro-American Republicans, they’ll eat it up.
The husband looks back to his wife. “Mary you hear that?” he asked his wife. “That just brings a tear to my eye. Bring me my wallet so I can buy some candy from this young man here.”
As he turned back around to face the strangers at his door, he found himself looking down the barrel of a silencer. Before he could even get a word or warning out, the bullet exits the muzzle and enters into the husbands skull. He drops to the floor with the look of shock still stuck on his face.
“OH MY GOD NO, DANIEL,” screams Mary.
One of the little girls starts screaming. Specter pushes to boy into the house. The boy drops the chocolates and begins to tear up. He turns to Specter but before he can get a word out, he’s hit butt-end of the gun and knocked to the ground. Specter kicks the chocolates aside and closes the door shut.
The little girl is still crying and scream hysterically at what she just saw, the other two can only stare in disbelief as they watch their mother cradle their fathers dead body.
“Ugh, this I why I fucking hate kids,” spits Specter as he raises his gun and fires off another shot. This one hitting the little girl right between her eyes.
“I suggest you lower your voice there before I do something else,” Specter says calmly. Now stand up…..stand the fuck up bitch!”
Mary stands up reluctantly but stands in place, afraid to make any other moves. How she wished she could be standing there next to her kids, holding them and assuring them that everything will be alright.
“Mmmmm, something smells great,” says Specter as he examines the surroundings. “Real nice house you have here. Politicians get paid quite well don’t they. I want everyone to move into the dining area…..I meant like now, chop chop.”
The rest of the family shuffles into the dining room with Specter behind them, gun in hand. In the middle of the dining room, is a oak table covered by a beautiful red tablecloth. On it the families dinner was set for five. Pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans, cornbread with some sweet tea on the side.
“This looks really good Mary,” compliments Specter. “Did you cook this? Wow, it looks all so wonderful.” He looks down at one location of the table with a plate that seemed to be a lot bigger than the rest. “This must of been your husbands spot, I’m sure he won’t mind if I help myself. He doesn’t look to have much of an appetite anyway.”
He looked around at the family, seeing the uneasiness on the faces, he invites them to sit with him and enjoy the dinner which surely will be their last meal.
Nearly done with his meal, Specter looks up and sees that no one has even touched their plates. “Oh well, I guess no one else has much of an appetite,” says Specter with a sigh. He stands up from his seat. “I guess it’s time to get this over with.”
“Please don’t,” begs Mary. “Or at least spare the lives of the children. I’m the one you want isn’t it, I just know it. Leave the rest of the kids out of this.”
Specter looks at Mary coldly with those emotionless eyes of his. If one were to stare deeply enough in them, they would swear they were looking into the cold deathly stare of an apparition its self, something that had been long dead before that day.
“You know I can’t do that Mary. What kind of too bit hood do you think I am? I’m a professional. But I will do you a favor and give the kids a kick and painless death.”
Specter turns and point his gun towards the son. Seeing her children in danger, she’s grabs a knife off of the table and charges in a desperate effort to save her family. She prayed that she could catch him by surprise, hoping that he wouldn’t expect her to suddenly make a mad rush at him.
Specter calmly turns towards the rushing mother. He points his gun towards her and blows out one of her kneecaps.
“Now sit there and be patient. I’ll return for you in a second,” says Specter.
“MOMMY,” yells the kids. Two voices, turn into one as a bullet enters the little boys mouth, exiting out the back of his throat.
“See what you made me do Mary,” says Specter as he walks around to the other side of the table where the boy lay still alive, but barely. Your boy is suffering, all because of your stupidity.
Specter fires off another shot, finally finishing the boy off. He waste no time and fires off a second, instantly killing the last of the children. He then proceeds to walk over the Mary who is holding her busted knee crying in pain, physically and emotionally.
“Well Mary, I’d like to thank you for a lovely evening. Dinner was great, lovely home and you have such a beautiful family. It’s a shame that this night has to finally come to an end.”
Mary seething in pain, spits blood on Specters shirt. “I hope God punishes you severely and lets you burn in hell you monster son of a bitch,” growls Mary.
Specter looks down at the pitiful looking woman. “God Mary, God,” Specter says with a laugh. “Well if you see this so-called God, tell him that I have a bullet with his name on it too!”
Thanks to his silencer, the final shot isn’t even heard. The whole house is silent. Specter begins to walk out. He hears a slight moaning sound coming from the where he left the boy. Without even a glance, he fires off two rounds into the boys body, ending any signs of life he had.
On his way out, he picks up the box of chocolates. “No need wasting good money,” says Specter.
As he gets back into the stolen car, he picks up his cellphone and calls Skinny.
“Skinny, tell the client that the job is done and to place the rest of the funds into my account.”
“Gotcha,” replied Skinny. “You heading back home now Spec.”
“Nah,” replied Specter. “I think I’m gonna take in the sites and see what D.C. has to offer. Let me know if any other jobs come up, Specter out.”
The car pulls out into the dark night, leaving a bloody scene without a trace that Specter was ever there. A simple homicide in a very violent city where ghost tell no tales.


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