Eddie Part Two

Eddie dragged himself through the hot street. Kids ran around playing, laughing, and giggling. Eddie was sure that some of those giggles were directed in his direction but at this point he did not care.


He knew the abandoned house in which he had left Sharon was just around the corner, but he needed a break so he leaned up against a wall. It was hot, he was tired and his body was sore. He had a headache and he couldn’t tell if it was from the beating he took or from the hot summer sun.


Eddie looked around at the kids at play. Not a care in the world, just running around ignorant to the evils around them. Kids running, playing in the sand box not knowing what things maybe hidden under it.


Kids play tag in front of buildings in which drug dealers passed in and out. 4 girls play hopscotch next to a location where a man was shot just two days ago.


He hated it but at the same time, he couldn’t help but to feel just a little bit jealous. Innocent ignorance and the ability to freely go on with life though surrounded by the worlds evils.


Eddie pulled himself off the wall. He was starting to depress himself. If he could just satisfy his hunger, he too could enjoy sweet ignorance, if only for a moment.


Rounding the corner, he slowly approached the building he hoped Sharon was still in. He pushed open the door…..or at least he tried to. The building was old and obviously hadn’t had any maintenance in a very long time. He gave it a hard shove and it nearly came off its hinges.


He walked in, not bothering to close the door behind him. “Sharon, hey Sharon,” he called. He heard no response.


He looked around, maybe she was sleep. He was about to call out again when suddenly he heard a noise. A moaning sound coming from one of the other rooms.


He walked slowly up towards the door, trying not to make a sound. He peeked in and saw someone…..and Sharon. The mans back was to him and so Eddie could not make out who he was, but he clearly saw Sharon, on her knees in found of the man with his pants down.


Eddie couldn’t watch, he turned away quickly. He stood there, sick to his stomach. Sharon wasn’t the most attractive woman by far but she had been by his side for as long as he cared to remember. To get what they needed, sometimes they had to do things they did not want to do or were proud of. But still, to see her in that position doing what she was doing. Something inside him died a little at that moment, something he did not know he had left in him.


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