Memoirs of A Serial Killer

As the rain slides down my skin
I move through the shadows like a phantom
She never sees me coming
The sheep stops, wipes away the rain
Shadows creep in all around her
Even the rats refuse to come out
Death’s in the air, scent of heaven
I pause time and watch her curves
She walks out of the space
Time flashes forward to my knife
Ripping her flesh, tearing the tissue
Time snaps back into place
She looks back, peeking at shadows
Nothing but air sings in the alley
Love turns and marches on
I arise from the depths of hell
Stalking my prey with keen sight
As I creep ever closer,
raven’s look on taken in by the lust
10 steps, 9 step, 8 steps, 7,6,5,4,3….
I can smell the scent of her perfume…
2,1….The hand grabs her throat
She struggles as I lift her high
The knife finds her rib cage
Slammed against the wall, sniffing her neck
The ecstasy of it all
Her body jerks as she twist and screams
The knife slides ever deeper
She begins to lose her breath
My blade enters in and out
Her body responds in a bloody orgasm
My body tingles with excitment
Back and forth till she ceases all movement
Her body slides and falls
This feeling, I can’t shake it
I stand in the rain embracing it all
The blood mixes with the rain
A mad mans holy water cleansing his spirit
Pure satification, I walk off into the shadows
With a sly grin on my face whistling a tune

Sincerly yours,

The New Moon Killer


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