New Moon Business part II

It could not have been anyone she knew. Most would of called out to her by now. Yes, it was windy, but not enough to drown out someone’s voice. She could not think of who the man might be. She saw the majority of the shop owners who she was friendly with leave for the night hours before she left her own shop. So she picked up pace even more. Unfortunately, so did her pursuer.
She had had enough. She broke out in a sprint. As quickly as she had taken off, the one figure had done the same. She ran as fast as she could but without even turning around, she could tell he was quickly gaining on her.
She sees the end of the street. If she could just hit that corner, she would be almost home or at least close enough to her block to where she could yell for help and be heard.
As she reaches the street and begins to hit that corner, she feels a tight tug at her hair. Without her noticing, the dark figure had caught up to her and yanked her by the hair. He pulled her back from around the corner and slams her up against the wall.
She kicks and tries and fight but he has overpowered her. His hand grasp her throat and lifts her up in the air and slams her once again against the wall. As she struggles helplessly, she notices him pull something from out of his cloak. She squints her eyes attempting to see what it is. Her eyes open wide in cold fear as she takes notice that it was a large knife.
She attempts to scream and fight harder. But to no avail, the clamp he has on her prevents any sound from escaping her mouth. Seeing under his hood, there is a wicked grin that sends the most paralyzing fear down her spine that she had ever felt.
He leans in and begins to sniff her neck, feeling a sense of ecstasy from her perfume. The loud sounds of him taking in the scent and exhaling. She looks around, praying that someone, anyone would come along to help her.
His hand slides up her dress. She feels the cold touch of his knife sliding against her thigh. The icy touch of the knife froze the very blood in her skin. She told for a moment that there could be nothing colder than that knife……..until she looked into the eyes of the devil.
Staring into the eyes of the hooded figure. She did not recognize him, but that mattered not. The look in his eyes were something straight from hell its self. Dread, hopelessness and sorrow all rushed through her at once. And just as quickly, she felt the cold penetration of the knife into her vagina. She tried to scream out as the blade entered her. Still, no sound came out as he kept a firm grip on her neck.
She could feel the blood rushing down her leg. The agonizing pain that she had felt that moment as the knife went in and out. At that moment, she wished for complete death. She just wanted him to kill her and to do it it quickly.
She felt his grip tighten as he slapped her down hard on the ground. He began to choke her out. She could feel the breathe leaving her body quickly. Just as quickly, she feel his blade enter her ribs. And then she felt it again and then felt it yet again. The blade had managed to penetrate deeply through her ribcage.
She was still bleeding heavily from her vagina. Laying in a pool of her own blood and blacking out, she whispered a prayer to God hoping he could hear in her time of need. The cloaked mad man bend down and licked her cheek. He put one final tight squeeze on her throat. As he did so, he stabbed her hard in chest.
As she faded out for the last time, she could feel him cutting her open. But, she could feel no pain at all. She felt sad, but there was no pain. This was it. She would die in the most horrible way possible, but at last, she felt no more pain.
As he sat over the cold dead body of the victim. In a pool of blood they sat. Baptized in her essence and born anew. He looked up into the night sky, his hood falling back revealing his raven black hair. He stands up, looking down on his latest lover. Cut and sliced apart like a precious piece of art. His one night stand, his everlasting lover.
He wipes clean his blade and places back in its sleeve. Throws his hood back over his raven hair and walks off back into the night. Not even looking back at his work, not a care in the world. He looks up into the night sky, clear and moonless. He grins with pure satisfaction, walking into the shadows, whistling a tune to himself.


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