The New Moon Killer (Pryor Intro)

She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, lifting up her dress trying not to trip. She looked back, seeing her pursuer was still behind her. He approached at a slowed pace.While looking back, she happened to trip over a tree root protruding out of the ground.
She looked back, all she could was a twisted smile. His eyes hidden under his hood, but deep down she knew it to be the look of the devil.
She pulled herself up and started running again. She usually came out into the fields to enjoy some quiet time to herself at night after dinner. That turned out to be her downfall for there was no one around who could here her cries for help. All the while, a sinister grin drew ever nearer.
As she ran, searching for an escape route, she began to cry. She did not want to die. She wanted to find true love, grow old while raising a few kids of her own and even grandkids.
Her eyes felt heavy, the tears came flowing out. They blurred her vision. So much that she did not see the rock in front of her as it sent her falling face first into the grass.
She laid there stunned before her senses came back to her. Unfortunately, it was too late. She felt the weight of her pursuer on top of her.
He knocked the wind out of her before turning her over. What she saw, struck fear into her the likes she never knew existed. A demonic vision peering down upon. The eyes of the devil with a matching grin.
Looking up into the night sky, eyes heavy from the tears. She prayed to God as the last thing she saw was his knife gleaming, dancing under a moonless night sky.


“Stop! I said stop god damn it!”

Chasing after the culprit, he nearly ran over an old lady. Grabbing her to keep her from falling, he spins to keep his momentum.
Quickly locating his target, he tries to cut through the crowd hoping to head him off.
“Move damn it, get out the way,” he yells to on-lookers stopping in the middle of the street to stare at him.
Quickly moving to avoid a group of people, he finds himself heading straight into a fruit stand. He lowers his shoulder and barrels straight into it, knocking over the vendors fruits leaving him yelling obscenities in his direction as he went on through.
He had apples, pears and banana’s decorating his brown slacks and white shirt. It just made him more frustrated and he picked up his pace. Seeing his target in sight, he jumped onto a cart sitting on the side of the road and propelled himself into the air.
Looking around, the target didn’t know what hit him before a large figure landed on top him leaving them both rolling on the ground. The culprit tried to fight him off but ended up eating a fist.
“Fucker,” panting trying to catch his breathe. “Made me chase you half way across town. And for what?”
Goes into the culprits pockets and pulls out a wad of wrinkled dollars.
“A few fucking bucks! Do you know how hard people work to make a honest living here and you go and steal it from them! I should kick you ass right here and now.”
He lifts the man up, slapping the handcuffs on him.
“Great and now I’m dirty too as well. I was supposed be meeting my girlfriends parents after this. Are you going buy me a new outfit?”
As he proceeds off to drop his package off at the station so he can hurry home and change, he feels a hand on his shoulder. Hoping it wasn’t the owner of that stand he had destroyed, he turns around to see who it is. Bending down, breathing hard with both hands on his knee is an out of breathe uniform officer.
“Sir, Detective Pryor.” The officer stops to catch his breathe. “I have been sent to find out.”
Pryor looks down at the tired officer. “Sigh, can’t this wait. I’m kind of in a hurry.”
The officer quickly shakes his head.
“There has been an official request. This is from the top, they’re calling in all the detectives.”
Pryor took a moment to take it all in. It was rare for them to call to order every detective in the department. He looked back to the officer who seemed to have regained his breathe. “What has them big boys panties in a bunch so bad that they feel the need to ruin the rest of my day?”
The officers face turned grim as if remembering something he had hoped to forget.
“The New Moon Killer……..he’s struck again.


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