A Good Mans Revenge

Bitch, you ain’t shit like my momma said
You and him are better off dead
Fucking around in my house, under my roof
Was anything you said the truth?
Doing it where my kids slept
What comes next? Bitch, try and guess
Sending the kids to my mama’s house
Kick the cat off of the couch
That’s where he’ll sit
Bound and gagged so bitch don’t say shit
You had your chance to beg
Maybe if you pray on that bed
Cause you weren’t screaming for the lord then
No I’m not being emotional! Smell in the wind?
That’s the gasoline I poured in the kitchen
And on your clothing laying in the den
Oh, and on your buddy in the living room
By the way, have you seen the broom?
Oh never mind, it’s time for your bath
The tubs full. With what? You’ll laugh
Think I’ll save that as a surprise
I need more gas so sit there, don’t rise
Okay, I’m back and time to get in the tub
This might burn a bit but it’s out of love…
Okay, I’m lying. This is pure hate
By the way, have you seen my mama’s plates?
She wants them back
I know they were gifts, but lets face the facts
You’re a no good fire breathing bitch
And as this match gets lit
I hope that fuckers dick was worth it
because there ain’t no coming back from this match stick
So burn slow while I puff this cigar and enjoy the smell
Me, you and him can pick back up this conversation in hell


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