No Good Men

When I first met you, you said there were no good men
we were all the same, dogs
You were done with them all, no changing none of them
might as well switch, go lesbian
None the less, you still gave me a chance in a million
Living life, no regrets
Worshiped you and made sure my love was true
Gave it up with no strings, my heart
So now I’m here sitting drinking with my thoughts
I have just one, one question
But I can’t get it to come out, nothing at all will come
You said there were none, good men
I tried my best to disprove that theory and win your heart
Until that moment, I cried
Came home to find you with another man in our bed
Under this roof, my house
Giving away what you once said was mines alone
So where did they go, good men?
They were lost in the vagina’s of no good women


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