Pain, Believe in Light

What do you do when life gets you down
Do you cry yourself to sleep?
Do you lock yourself in the bathroom?
Attempts to cut the pain away,
watching all the sorrow bleed away
Do you try to transfer the pain to someone else?
Bullets flying out seeking a target
These are no metaphorical bullets
Transferring over your pain ten fold
Their grief is your release
Do you attempt to drown out the cries
Poison your pain with alcohol
Hoping JD can ease your sadness
But once he walks out,
it comes back stronger than ever
More damage, more hate, more tears
Looking off that bridge with hope
Hoping to leave the pain behind
In the depths of darkness, it can’t reach
Or so you hope
So extinguishing the light shedding finally tears
Sleep on it, let the pain marinade
For there’s nowhere to go when its over
Rest and be peaceful, walk with the ancestors
Do it in the light
The pain is great, held down by the weight
Where do we go now?
There is no rest for the dead
If the pain is great…
then let my pen carry some of the weight


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