The Promise

His momma was the crown jewel of the crack heads
Different johns each and every night
Doing for the dough, but where does it all go?
Leaving him with dirty hand me downs
Going to school being made fun of
This is the only right he knows, which is wrong
Fighting off bully’s not for his own shake,
trying to protect his mama’s innocence
But that flew away with the spreading of leg like wings
Nights filled with squeaking springs and moans
So he spends them at the park in the dark
Shooting hoops to ease his pain
He’s on the court during the closing seconds
Attempting that finally game winning shot
Under the lights, somewhere far away
Coming back home to reality, to tears in the corner
A scene that stays on replay
He whispers into her ear, a spoken promise
Something just between them
Even if she forgets it amongst the hits and dicks
He’ll never forget, the driving force pushing him
Through all the fight and long nights
Torturous years in high school
Longer days that followed through college
Tired but inspired, still hearing that promise whispered
It pushes him through those hard nights
Keeps him going strong when he wants to quit
Keeps him standing when he wants to fall and cry
The promise he made so long ago
The promise that put him on that stage
And when he looks into that crowd,
seeing his mama in that front row
He came this far, succeeding
Now peering at her smile, glimmering proud
His beautiful angel,
they came up out the gutter together
He’d succeed for the both of them
Promised to never leave her side and she just hugged him tight


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