Candy canes, palm trees and a mini me
Purple and green stars and a champagne sea
Red women with orange hair waving in air
Captured in my vision glass like stare
Cotton candy like clouds, raining money
Two centerfold models bathing in honey
Follow me down the yellow brick road
Pave the way by a wise toad
Brim hat, smoking pipe and a monocle
Telling me to avoid the monkeys carnival
Skipping arm in arm with my friends
Top hat, white rabbit, story never ends
Neither does this journey, don’t worry
I’m a late, I’m late in a hurry hurry
The wicked acid burn from the evil queen
Don’t you wish it were all a dream
But I’m still running the yellow brick
Journey to the city to treat the sick
Avoid the cards seeking to trap
Red hearts red hearts and a smiling cat
Speaking in riddles, Twiddle dee hoo hum
With his brother bouncing, Tweedle dumb
Standing on a peppermint mountain
Waiting for my crown, the crowd shouting
The beep in rhythm to the bands hurry
Beep…beep…beep…flat-line the flurry
As I close my eyes in conquest of neverland
The lasting image of my subjects in hand
Count it, dead at 3 A.M
Drug overdose, someone tell the family

©2011 Taihair Brown


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