Sons of Darkness

The Sons of Light can not stand before us
No one fears the light, cower before darkness
Close yourself in, lock your doors
All hide before the shadows in the dark
Even your strongest, strike under cover of night
Cowards hide in the dark
yet, they also blend in in the light
In the light, I see all foes coming forth
In the dark, you know not where we lurk
Laugh at the Sons of Light claiming righteous
The most crooked of yours walk under the sun,
While their abused are pushed into our realms
Eliminate the darkness?
Your light in tainted
We? What is fear and not trusted cannot be tainted
Better setting fire to that which is already burned
Hitler’s troops marched marched under your sun
African tribes were rated and enslaved in the day hours
But we are the wicked, ostracized by the “righteous”
Yet we bring forth as much life as you do
But fear not, we feel no jealousy
In the battle, Sons of Light can not stand before us
We are the seeds of shadows, under the moon
We are that in which you fear
The other Sons, ignored through time


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