Passion For Murder (The Return) p.II







She attempted to limp away, but it was too late. He had already recovered and grabbed her by her brown hair. He pulled her back and kissed her, pushing his tongue down her throat.
“Mmm, I haven’t felt a love this strong in a long time,” he said. “I can’t remember the last time my prey managed to make me feel pain. I normally prefer blondes, but I think you’ll become my new favorite.”
He kissed her once more, again forcing his tongue down her throat.
She bit his tongue in defiance. He pulled back, yelling in pain. Yanking on her hair, he throw up against the alley wall.
She tried to take off, but it was of no use as his knife found its face into her quad. Into her quad, her stomach, her shoulder blade, and into her breast causing her to scream out. He promptly placed his hand around her throat and slowly began strangling her. Not even a single breathe could escape, let alone a scream for help.
He pressed up against her, taking in her scent and inhaling her perfume. She could do nothing but watch as the dark figure seemed to get off on her scent and torment. It disgusted her to levels she never thought imaginable.
She could not figure what she had did wrong. She had gone to church every single Sunday. Prayed to God, never stole and lived an honest life the best to her human abilities. So why, why was she left here to suffer? A play toy for this sicko. She prayed to God. Praying that somehow, someway she would be saved.
“Please lord,” she thought to herself. “Rescue me from this fate. I don’t want to die. No, not like this. Not killed by this mad man. Please lord, help your humble servant.”
Tears began to run down her face. She wondered if God had heard her plea.
Her thoughts were quickly taken by the knife piercing between her legs. Never had she felt any pain like she felt in that instance. At that moment, she knew she would die. There would be no last minute rescue. No police whistle or some knight in shining armor coming to her aid.
Staring down at the devils smile. His hood came up just enough to where she could look him directly in his eyes. What she saw terrified her more than the thought of hell its self. She could not describe the feeling that traveled through her entire body.
Had she stared face to face with the devil himself? No, he was no devil nor was he human. He was something else……..something worse.  There would be no miracles from God on this night.
She looked up to the blackened night sky. There wasn’t a star in the sky, not even a moon to be her last witness. Perhaps that was a sign that God and maybe even the devil had turned their backs on her. She faced the Grim Reaper himself and he enjoyed every minute of it.
As she felt his knife penetrate her over and over again, she gave herself over to the darkness. Yes, she was in pain but it mattered not. She knew she would die with both God and the Devil turning their backs on her for a more sinister being.
She closed her eyes, saying her last good byes to this world.
He stood over his victim as the rain began to fall. The rain always felt so refreshing after he exercised and released himself. He pulled his hood back and let the the rain run through his dark raven hair as he looked to the sky.
He loved the way the night sky looked in absence of the moon. He couldn’t help but whistle a tune to himself as he stepped over the girls limp and bloody body. He would remember her for a long time. He had begun to get bored. The women he kept meeting lacked passion and energy, but this one here revived his love. He couldn’t wait till the next night to passionately make love to his next partner……..
He just hoped she enjoyed it as much as he did.


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