Dead Man Wonderland

The sounds of my sword scraping on the ground and bones
Stained with blood in this dead man wonderland
Their lights long extinguished but their stares still hit home
I feel their eyes burning through my very flesh
Demons dancing in the shadows, no peace no rest with sword in hand
They won’t let me sleep even though my eyes are heavy
I try putting the sword to my own throat to stain the blackened sand
The blade moves laterally painting a corpse before I collapse
My body falling, passing through the earth as my vision becomes wavy
And darkness devours me before I find myself back in a bloody infestation
Sword dragging once again scraping corpses growing blood red cherries
Devilish fruit begging me to take them in while twisting in the wind
But I feel no breeze across my wounds breeding from their mutilation
The dead claw at my legs, but I look down and see nothing there
By they’re there, I feel them and hear the screams louder an undead nation
This land won’t let me go, pulling me further and further in
Why won’t it let me die a warriors death, feeding on a warriors fear
Sustaining its own as I drag my limp body through a dead man wonderland
Words escape me not, no calls to God or even a wave of fresh tears
My body does nothing but move on, dragging this sword praying for death




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