As I contemplate the grave before it drives me insane
I think about all the emotional rides and changes
Begging for someone to save me, facing deaths smile
And all the while, the decaying scent of something foul
Pierces through my nose and my heartbeat rose
Pacing that of a thousand horses before the blood froze
In the face of death where all life ceases to exist
I lose any reason to smile, a heavy burden in a clenched fist
As my wishes get crushed, I think fuck the world
Can they hear my words, these venomous curses hurled
Death stands silent presiding over court, judging thy soul
Losing the urge to carry one as he weighs my hearts toll
I etch these words, so maybe when they read my tombstone
They know the night had fallen on the devils tone
And death flying over high in the essence
His ever presence revitalized my smile with a question
Do you wish to know peace?




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