A Soldiers Prayer

Explosions going off in the near distance

Take one good look at the picture and kiss it

Looking at it, all while trying to stay strong

My newborn daughter, sorry daddy’s gone

Somewhere far off fighting someone’s war

Don’t even remember what I’m fighting for

Still see the tears in her eyes when I left

Her arms wrapped around me, head in chest

My dear wife, her tears soaking my shirt

What can I say, “don’t worry, I won’t be hurt”

Yesterday, my best man held his own brains

Remember at my wedding, worried about stains

From the wine you spilled on a rented tux

Spitting and cursing drunk about dumb luck

I’ll look after your momma for you brother

That’s if I live long enough to see and hug her

At night, I’m afraid to sleep when I can

I see strange faces armed with guns in hand

Pointed to my face right before the trigger…

Squeezes and I’m awake looking for killers

And all I see is my reflection in the water

Hold no regrets, just wanna hug my daughter

If I can survive the bloodshed and tears

Wonder what my enemies see, courage or fear?

Does he have a little girl? wake up screaming?

Has he also giving up on peaceful dreaming?

Sits back and wonders, is this his last day?

Praying to God to be able to see her play

The angel of his life, his whole universe

But it’s him or me, we are two souls cursed

So as I step unto that battlefield of blood

Kiss my picture one time, god have you heard?

Look after my soul as I say my peace

And let me make it back home please




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