First Person Poetry

I Ghost Recon cops, invisible shooting
Real G’z answer the Call of Duty
No need, no help no room for Resistance
The entire populous is now in Crysis
No jumping out of bushes, this is Modern Warfare
Lose more than a Half-life in the blood scent air
Unload whole clips till you wear a Halo
My Counter-Strike is quite very lethal
Pass the mack to my dude Duke to Nukem
Their pants fill with Bioshock, anal puking
Ak’s, Sk’s, M-16’s, these are Gears of War
Me and mines, we Brothers in Arms on tour
Young guns earning that Medal of Honor
You a Far Cry away from victory, don’t bother
If you putting up a Resistance 2 stand
Then prepare for the Fall of Man
This is armed robbery Chief so Reach
Or you can get your Halo 2, preach
Dropping bodies off Planetside in the Killzone
You are looking into the GoldenEye of Doom


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