My New Moon Valentine

She walked down the street, alone and deep into here own thoughts. Today was Valentines Day and she was alone, but it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Three days before, she had been happy and excited to spent another Valentines with her boyfriend, Greg, of four years. That was before she came home and found his letter on their bed. He had left out of town…..for good and he wasn’t leaving alone. Lisa, someone she once considered a friend, was leaving with him.

She felt so betrayed. Her friend and her lover stabbing her in the back. She believed that there could be no pain worse than what she was feeling at that moment. Why her? Why was she walking alone this night, the night of lovers. She had taken this back way as so she would not have to see all the couples in each others warm embrace as if they were flaunting their love just to tease her. It was as if they all knew she was in pain this very moment.

“Excuse me miss, a penny for your thoughts.”

She stopped and looked up startled. She was so deep into her thoughts that she did not even notice the man standing there. And a handsome man at that. She had already started to blush before she knew what she was doing.

“You look troubled. Is there anything I can do to help?” asked the man.

“No, I’m quite fine thank you,” she responded, though it wasn’t quite the truth.

The man looked at her with a charming smile, one that could stop a charging rhino in its tracks.  The look in his eyes seemed to melt away all her defenses.”Why are you out here all by yourself on this night?” he asked her. “This is the night of love. You should be with that one special somebody wrapped in each others arms.”

“Yeah, I no longer have one of those unfortunately,” she replied. “I am on my own, though I can’t say I exactly know why.”

Without realizing, she had begun to frown thinking back on all the crying she had done these last three days. She was unaware just how much her sadness was showing on her face. She looked up and her eyes went from a sad and heavy veil to awake and surprised. There, directly in front of her was a beautiful blood red rose.

“For me?” she asked.

“Yes, a beautiful rose for a beautiful lady,” he said with that same disarming smile as before. “There is no reason an angel such as yourself should be wearing such a sad face. If I could meet the man who put such a dreary look upon your feature, I would surely teach him a fierce lesson and then make him beg for your forgiveness on his hands and knees while sucking on the dirt.”

The mans gesture made her giggle. It was as if those words had lifted all the sadness and sorrow from her shoulders. She had not felt this good in so long. This gentlemen here…who needed Greg. She took the rose and offered a sheepish smile as her thank you.

The man looked up to the sky and began to speak again. “It’s a wonderful night out, even the moon has parted and made room for love. I know we just met mere moment ago, but would you do me the honor and be my Valentine,…..just for this evening maybe?”

Holding the blood rose close to her chest. Hands and rose alike nearly were buried in between her breast as her body became tight upon hearing the mans request. She had been taken back by his words. A wave of hope, happiness and excitement began to fill her body. Though she had just barely met him, something about him excited her and made her feel warm inside.

His words were so hypnotic. He was just so charming and he wasn’t ugly by far. The way his raven black hair sat on his head with one strand neatly hanging over. The soft look of his blue eyes which could stop the very fires of the sun. His lips looked soft and very kissable….yes maybe more than that.

She caught herself in her thoughts and let out a soft giggle. She then looked up worried he might have heard her giggle and was afraid he’d think she was laughing at him. She looked up from her rose and her thoughts and saw him standing there with the same charming smile.

“Yes….yes, I will be your Valentine,” she answered. “You are a very sweet man, err…. I’m sorry, I feel so silly. I actually never got your name. Here you are being all nice and I never bothered to even ask.”

“Oh don’t worry, that’s okay,” said the man with a soft laugh as he reached behind his back.  “Who needs names when loves in the air. I knew from the moment I saw you that you were the one.”

“Really?” she asked as she found herself again blushing uncontrollably.

“Yes, really and I have one more sweet gift for you tonight. One that will allow that love to fully manifest its self,” says the man in a soft tone as he revealed a large knife from behind his back……….



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