Arousing Picturesque

Kissing and rubbing, making sweet loving—
A chocolate sexual arousing moment.
A galactic explosion expanding and erupting.
The sweat dripping across mountains,
singing a melodic whispered melody, rated R.
Animals thrusting biting and clawing.
Earthquakes ripping apart concentrated shakes.
Waves of emotions without words.
Just screams and moans waking hearts & souls.
At once the body and soul are one.
United in a rush, eclipsing push collapses walls.
Geysers erupting in a blazing climax.
Waterfalls drenching drowning bloodhounds.
Cat-dog fights ending in violent ways.
In a lake of filth, a tangled and mangled pretzel.
Then its over; supernova time stops.
A silent air; kissing and hugging in the dark.


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