War Song

I’m falling victim to an ugly song
Such a long way from home
Visions of victims staring at me
Caught in a war zone and its savagery
Never saw the bullet penetrate their flesh
But the end results, undeniably fresh
Someone tell me it’ll be alright
Answer me why I fight
I salute the flag every day I wake
The same they burn and hate
No common ground for us to stand on
No common understanding to hold on
But I march on, question my purpose
Far from home losing my focus
Cold stares from cold corpses laid out
Is it fate or is it the product of hate devout
Visions of my mama holding the toddler me
Did my victims have the same image I see?
Then how did we get to this conundrum
Pulling triggers to death till we’re numb
It’s frightening, so frightening
Yet we go on, we continue fighting
Writing on our own tombstones
On I march wondering how to atone
Maybe I will once its my turn to lay there
Bleeding to death or already dead before prayer
The great equalizer, freedom from the war
Then may I meet those I took yore
We can leave behind the past
Move beyond bullets and death at last


One response to “War Song

  1. This is the first thing I had the fortune of seeing on a very special day….Thanksgiving Day. For the many reasons I was thankful…this is one of the most important things to be thankful for…….really incredible. Such a beautiful piece, Thank You!

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