Maybe I dropped the ball
Maybe I missed the chance
I let time pass me by
Opportunities to be loved
Loved by you….
So what do I do now?
Can I come back?
Try again
Start over
Retracing my steps
Revisiting the past
And maybe then…
Maybe I could be loved
And have a place
Home in your heart
If I said sorry
Then I could see it
That smile once shining
whenever I walked in
Now it’s just a “hey”
Bring back that glimmer
Will you be my angel?
and me your knight?
We could set the sun
Raise the moon ourselves
Light the very stars
Is what I should of said
Instead I sat silent
Watching from the side
Wishing you were mine
No longer picturing heaven
Cause it was in your graces
Dropped from the sky
My very feeling
A landing that hurt less…
Less than the lost chance
A chance at love
A chance at happiness
A chance to hold you
A chance to be your sun
A chance to tell you
A chance to say………….

copyright (c) 2011


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