All I’ve Seen

I done seen what the gun can do to someone’s face
I’ve seen what happens when a human succumbs to hate
Seen a church going man give in and quit it all
Watched his prayers go unanswered as he watched his son fall
A mothers tears mixed with the blood begging the soul to wake
But her son lays still, a cold victim of a vicious fate

I done seen a women cry from a pain unseen by the human eye
I’ve seen a child bring in a new baby and watched her youth die
Seen a father turn down the title and leave a son without
Watched mother and son grow alone, thirsty for love in a drought
Tears keeping her up at night and hunger keeping him
No family, no friends in a world meant for them to sink rather than swim

I done seen man turn a rock over in place of his family
I’ve seen a man get lost in the haze, the smoke replacing his sanity
Seen chapped lips, dry skin take priority over feeding oneself
Watched his need for glass loving put his family through hell
When a family loses its provider to the white girl cooked over
Plants a disastrous seed needing to escape foreclosure

I done seen so much despair and sadness amongst faces
I’ve seen so many tears over the populous in devilish places
Seen good people devoured by the dens demons
And I cry forever for them seeking a way, finding a reason
Some reason for them to keep on living, finding something better
But it’s hard to find sunshine always surrounded by bad weather


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