Rain drops slap me in the face as I run
Wishing I could duck and dodge in between
Trying to escape the sins of what I’ve just done
I left him cold, in a bloody mess saying goodbye
He’ll never see tomorrow and I just dropped him
I pulled that trigger
I sent those demons through his flesh
Wish these raindrops would take me away
But, they just keep on falling upon
Half wishing he’d just get back up
Dust himself off and climb back in his car
But I know that won’t happen
It’s just blood mixed in with the raindrops
The bullet penetrated them unabated
I hate it but I just keep on running
May the raindrops wash away my sins
Instead they drown out my tears
Is it too late to ask for forgiveness?
Running through the night, freezing cold
As I slip and fall face first in the rain
Trying to pull myself up, but feeling heavy
Raindrops feeling like a million tons
Swear to God, lord can you hear my prayers?
Listening and all I hear is wind and raindrops
Crawling through the night begging
Not knowing where my soul will land
Trying to escape the rain
Maybe then the pain will stop
The raindrops carrying the weight of my sins
A few feet away from my home
Sanctuary from the downpour
So close to escaping this terror, this weight
The world masked by raindrops, I never heard it
The sound of the gun bang, before I fell
All I heard was the weight of raindrops falling


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