Dear Father

Dear father, I have sinned ever so
Looking for forgiveness, I stumbled
Slipped and fell on the cold concrete
As quickly as the flash from the barrel
I erased all the good I tried to do
So I’m hear knocking at your doorstep
Dear father, I never lost the faith
But I feel like no one knows my pain
In these trying times, I need help
Help me keep my mind, save my soul
Some how the devil got my cell number
He calls from the sidewalk grinning
Watching my calls going unanswered
But I know you’re there father
Always have been and always will be
You’d never leave your son in the rain
But I know your patience with me is thin
All my sins must be hard to swallow
Masked it with doing what it took
Doing it to feed my love and seeds
Gun shots rain through the night
In the shadows, no prayers were whispered
I know I did wrong, no changing that
Dear father, here I am at your doorstep
Accepting all I’ve done here
Now I put my trust in you
Taking responsibility for all my sins
Knocking, waiting for the door to crack
Devil standing at the curve taunting me
But never again shall I leave your steps
Dear Father, I have sinned ever so
Here I shall stay, knocking at your front
Praying for the day you shall let your son in


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