The Drive By (Innocence)

How can I explain how I feel?
A feeling so ill
I drew the wrong card
A hexed deck in a dark car
Do I remember?
How can i forget a cold November
Time paused as we began to draw
Targets moved not is what I saw
Before time released and sped up
And now I want to throw up
Thinking off bullets flying
Watching someone’s sons dying
Baptized in blood by fire
Feeling like I’m the one that expired
The fear in their faces on replay
Falling all while looking my way
Do they blame me?
Wish I could flee
No matter where I turn, I see
Their faces hanging from the tree
In the trunk I recognize the reflection
Who’s face it is in its section
Feeding off their souls vines
Or are they feeding off mines?
Blood on a once innocent soul
Forever soiled for the role
The flight that I have fallen
When the neighborhood came calling
And I pulled the fader on many lights
Theirs and mines included this night
No going back I fear
No matter when I fall, I died this year


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