Killers Song

I’m something of a Ph.D within a mystery
Go ahead and call me Dr. Misery
Watch my heart rate speed up when I peep
I like what I see, stalking on the dark streets
I want to beat your guts up, not sexually
I want to cut you up, that’ll pleasure me
Just relax, it’s the doctors order
That’s a lie……..
When you struggle, it’s hard to grasp your oder
But, I do like the fight for it is thrilling
It’s like a game before I complete the killing
Slick black hair hidden under a reapers hood
Knife in hand to taste your baked “goods”
I hope it’s as good for you as it was for me
What’s better than a moonless night under this tree
As I lay you down to rest and absorb my presence
Any life left as I inhale your essence?
I guess the writings on the ground and the walls
On my knife and shirt as well….
Did God answer your calls?
Maybe it was Satan as you stared into my eyes
All I think about, staring up, is remembering your cries
A satisfied smile on my face remember a favorite tune
Whistling it to myself as I disappear like the moon
I don’t mean to be a bastard, a one night stands all you get
My love was sincere though, left on you covered in blood beset


Copyright 2012 [Michael “New Moon” Carter]


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