The Proposal

You are a gift from heaven up above, blessed by God
I’m just a kid on christmas given the best gift he could ask
More than a dream come true, but an Earthly Angel
Graced by your presence, honored by your love
The smell of your perfume keeps me hooked to you
You are my Earth, the life that flows through my veins
Basically, without you there could be no me, that is truth
Never would I lie or cause a tear to escape those eyes
I’d die before I ever cause you sufferable pain
You help create a better man, I can never pay that back
So I pledge my everlasting love, heart, soul, and spirit
Give to you the whole lot of me, even that’s not enough
99 years of love and then 99 years more
More than just kisses and hugs, shelter you from the storm
My heart is your home, don’t even have to wipe your feet
I know you’ll take care of it, my dream come true
No matter what I say, it wouldn’t do your love justice
This ring is my pledge to be truthful, humble, thankful for you
On this day I pledge my life eternal to you
My love, my flesh, my spirit and soul forever, in death and beyond


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