Conversations p.I: A Conversation With Father

Son: Father, have you forgotten and forsaken us
Father: No my son for I have always been there
Son: How can you say that for I’ve only seen you just now?
Father: For what I have created what you call up, is down
Son: Wait, what???
Father: Heaven is Earth and Earth is Heaven
You have everything you’ve ever wanted and needed
Son: How can you say that when I’ve been homeless, left for dead bleeding!
Many have died in your name
Father: For I have given you free will, the same
Lack of perfection for you to make mistakes
Son: Well why haven’t you eliminated evil from our plates?
Father: For without darkness there can be no light
So without evil, there can be no good
Son: But the stories I hear about your legacy…..
Father: Man creates as he see’s fit
Sheep need a herder for in times of chaos they need guidance and hope
Son: Yeah yeah yeah, so you seem to have all the answers when there’s no water to float but..
Father: I have given free will so man may chose his own path and fear not punishment
Judge thy self, by thy’s own soul shall be a lot harsher than anything I will
Son: But what shall become of man still?
Father: That is for man to decide
To be his own savior or grim reaper
Son: Why don’t you intervene instead of letting them fall deeper?
Father: That is not my place for I am just the watcher of things past and to come
Son: So you do not create futures but watch them happen as we go to and from
Father: You are correct my son
Son: Are you responsible for the moon and the sun?
Father: There is always a beginning and I let life take over after that
Son: Wait, that doesn’t answer my question
Father: But what would you seek if I told you everything
Son: I guess you are right
Father: Right and wrong are a matter of perspective like you prefer day or night
Son: ?????
Father: In due time you’ll understand
Son: Ok father, but will you leave me again?
Father: I will always be here watching you see
Son: Okay farewell, but what if I have more question’s?
Father: Seek your own answer’s to gain your own accession


Copyright ©2010 Robert Brown


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