Convesations p.II; Conversation with the Forsaken One

Man: You are the embodiment of all evil!
The One: I am what my Father created, same as you people.
Man: How can you even compare..
You overestimate your own significance.
Speaking on things you could never witness
Man: How could you go against fathers intentions?
The One: Who are you to speak on Fathers intentions.
Man: Who are you to call him Father!
The One: To you on Earth, a mere gardener,
I am the original son,
Born with his gift under one.
Man: Then how could you hate him so?
The One: Your arrogance blinds you, you know.
Man: What??
The One: Your ignorance insults my intelligence. 
Told you before, I am Fathers son. I am Heaven sent.
Man: Then explain yourself spawn of hell!!
The One: Watch your tongue for no one will hear you yell.
You arrogant creatures killed his son.
You curse him under his own sun,
Asking for handouts, yet never give anything in return.
You take his holy symbol and light it to burn.
Man: We are made in his image, but we are not perfect.
The One: No, you’re not and with time, you will worsen.
You destroy his planet and murder Fathers creatures.
Man: We grow and expand. It’s all his features.
The One: Ignorant fool knows not what Father goes through.
Man: Then why do you hate him so?
The One: Idiot! For I can not hate my Father—
I love thy Father, even when he moves away farther.
But yet he chose you!!!
You ungrateful forms, diseased flu!!!
Man: So that’s why you hate…
The One: NO!!!!!!
Parasites, the lot of you draining the life,
piece by piece you cut him like a knife.
Man: We would never for we also love God.
The One: Then why are you filled with greed, murder, steal and rob—
And yet, you blame me
Man: You are the presence of all evil flowing like an eternal stream.
The One: In that, you are wrong. Evil pre-dates all beings.
To it, all beings of life wouldn’t even be teens.
Man: If that’s true then, is Father evil?
The One: He is Good and evil, the embodiment of all things, strong and feeble.
Man: I find what you say hard to believe.
The One: I care not. It’s another want of your greed.
You want to be right and true.
Man: And how about you?
The One: I am me and here is where I will be.
Man: You are the devil who’s words I can not trust you see.
The One: As you wish, but I’ll be watching from the shadows.
Like a vampire, when you slip, I’ll add your soul to the battle.
Man: No you won’t for I’ll be in heaven, that’s my fate!
The One: Then I’ll see you there, with a sneer, at the gates….

Copyright©2010 Robert Brown


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