Conversation p.III: A Conversation with Mother

Man: Mother of life. Why do hate us so, children of the sky?
Mother: Hate you? I who have fed you and kept a watchful eye?
Man: You say that, but your wrath tears apart our lands.
Your furry rips through our homes killing woman and man
Mother: My nature is what it has always been
Whether it hails, yells, waves, or spins
It is part of a circle that includes you
Man: A circle that violently rips away our youth
Mother: No different than your countless wars that scar my flesh
No different than your bombs that kill each other creating a mess
Yet, I still harbor no ill will at all
Man: We fight with cause. To protect our own and tear down walls
Over limited resources so we may feed our children
Mother: Resources I provide you. A thank you long over do and building
And yet, I would give to you a 1,000 times over with love
Man: With love you say, but you strike with tornado’s and flood’s
Hurricane’s drown entire cities and your quake’s engulf populations
Mother: I was ever moving and ever changing long before any nation
Have been since before you were here and shall long after
Man: We’ve lost millions to your mood swings and “natural” disasters
Mother: And I have lost more to your wars, growth and greed
And all the while, I still provide you with all you need
Water? I quench your thirst. Food? I fill your belly with my other seeds
Yet look at the condition you leave me in. Yet I still love you all
Man: You say that, yet you are not the one that answers when we call
Mother: Am I not? Does the wood that keeps you warm not grow from my flesh?
Does not my tears travel down my body to keep you refreshed?
Does the meat that settles in your belly not grow from my womb?
Do I not provide your mortal bodies, when the spirit is done, a place for their tombs?
Man: I concede your point. But why take your anger out on us?
Why unleash your fury in winds and fires sparked by a dry bush?
Mother: My nature brings new life. That dry bush births a new
Amongst those flames, a new generation may brew
My winds have shaped the lands you live today
My movements have shaped the natural art you adore night and day
Man: And in it, you sacrifice my kin
Mother: Like you have done the Red Wolf, Sea Turtle’s, and the African Penguin
And those are just a few that I shed tears for
Man: We apologize. We’re trying to do better…..
Mother: YET, you would ask for more
Man: We’ve planted trees and protected other life. But it is hard to survive your storm
I pray you will one day understand us. Then maybe we will have a bond formed
Mother: Once, you did understand me. A bond was formed. Then you grew
Yet, I still loved you, distance and all no matter what we went through
Man: *sighs* I guess there’s no understanding right now.
We will survive the madness, with or without you somehow
Mother: You once thought different and enjoyed Mothers company
I shall still take care and love you, hoping that you will come back to me

Copyright ©2012 Robert Brown


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