A Mothers Pain





A mother cries in pain as her children suffer
Ignoring the scars across her own beautiful body
She sheds tears for her lost bloody seeds
She herself is no better off
Raped by foreign men who toast over her
And there she lay, a victim as they carved her
The scars still remain on her body telling…
Telling a tale that continually falls on deaf ears
So she cries to herself knowing no one cares
Strange men still come knocking at her door
Laughing and smoking while stealing her innocence
And her children fall deeper into the rabbit hole
They cry her name and she reaches out for them
Just out of reach being held before her
Held hostage by Dr. Greed and Mr. Lust
Making new promises to her ever day
And at night they go unfulfilled
She wishes she could just close her eyes and pass
But then she would leave her children to death
She touches on a burning set of distinct scars
Reminding her of those young long ripped away
So long gone, they don’t even recognize her anymore
She knows her children when she sees them
But she’s just a stranger to them, locking her out.
She calls to them with her arms out
Please come back home she says
Mama still loves you and your family misses you
But they ignore her calls and she cries even more
All the while, another suitor walks in
They no longer knock to be let in
They long ago created their own keys
She knows that she can’t shake it
Sitting, fearing that she won’t make it
But she can’t leave her kids on their own
So she holds on, living with the pain
Everyday a new scar appears fresh on the flesh
Once she walked naked and proud
Now she hides her figure in shame
Alone in her room, she sits crying
Crying for her pain, crying for her children
Crying for her shame and her lost pride
A mothers pain that no man can understand

Copyright©2012 Robert Brown


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