Africa’s Letter

We called you for help,
but your phone was busy
We called for food,
but got the voice mail
We called for water,
but your line had been disconnected
We emailed you, but got no reply
We emailed you begging for assistance
You owed us that much
In return, we got spammed
You owed us, but we let it go
We would just settle for food and clean water
But it came back, invalid address
We wrote you letters, but they were returned
Marked with return to sender
We sent you a myspace request
Waited a year to be your friend
You never responded to our comments
Our messages were unanswered
IM’d you on AOL
But you logged off soon after
Befriended you on facebook
Even posted on your wall once
After that, we were blocked from posting at all
We even followed you on twitter
Though you never followed back

Stopped asking for help
Decided to just be friends
Still got nothing
Maybe not nothing at all
You called a few times,
though wanting something
And we gave it to you,
even when we had it not
After a while, we stopped caring
Stopped going online
Stopped with the messaging
Though you eyed us closely still
Wanted to know what we were up to
Maybe even use it for yourself
We saw it, but we let it be
Just stayed in our lane
If we asked why, you wouldn’t respond
Just say you were busy maybe
So why now?
Why pretend like you ever cared?
You saw a film?
Hope it was entertaining
We’ve been trying to show you the real thing
Forwarding you pictures for years
Inviting you over to see
Even did a few films ourselves
Wrote a couple books too
But you weren’t interested
So why now? Do we even care?
Can’t say that we do
We see you for what you are
A mockery of heroism
Don’t call us, we’ll call you alright
But don’t stay up waiting
Cause those first words might be a Fuck You

Copyright ©2012 Robert Brown


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