As I sit and cry, reminiscing about everyone I lost

All the friends that I buried, listening to angels sing

I try holding back the tears but they still find a way

Losing my mind, forgetting how it feels to smile

Every time I see kids playing free I begin to break

Remembering the times we played ball in the park

Nights playing tag before mama yelled at me

The pain of growing and discovering a world so cold

What am I to do with friends vanishing one after another?

Praying looking for answers but getting the voicemail

Are they looking down upon me keeping watch?

All those I ever lost, friends and family alike

I miss you, all of you that I used to share laughs with

Laughs, tears, happiness, and sadness with the living

Now it’s just tears and misery thinking about the dead

Is there any peace when death dictates the rules?

And it engages in an ill dance with the forgotten children

So they grow into adults embracing the gun smoke

And we bury another life as their light goes out

Will the tears ever stop or should I wait till they call

Then once again I can laugh with those I love

And I pass my tears off to the next person

In this life of rain and pain, they can reminisce about me


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