Love Letter Confession

(So i decided to try my hand again at a style I experimented with a few years ago after reading a poet who’s name i can not remember right now. For those unfamiliar with it, i believe it’s called Prose poetry from what i’ve been told, a paragraph style form. I enjoy because it allows me to combine my love of story telling style and poetry. so i hope you enjoy them too as they come with my other works)

Can I grab you attention for a minute? Can I make a confession? Please don’t let this pass off as a simple love letter. Patience, lets not rush the night. There are no scented candles, no hot baths, flowers or fancy dinners. Just let my words speak to you. I know the last guy didn’t do you right. You needed someone there to put forth their all, he barely did half. I’m here to open my heart and give all I have if you give yours in return.

I know there’s more to it. It’s a package deal, you and your son. I’m not trying to replace his father but I am willing…….willing to be a positive male role model in his life. Be there for all his tee ball games. Be in the crowd when he makes the game winning shot or scores the game winning touchdown. Never lay a hand on him, but guide him in the right direction when he does wrong. There to wipe your tears when you watch him on the stage, diploma in hand.

I know I’m not perfect, but I’m genuine and true is my love. Open the path to your heart, release the seal. I shall never break it. Not even scratch the interior. A precious gem, I’d rather worship it. Cherishing your heart while expanding your mind. It’s a two way street as we grow together. I can only grow stronger with you by my side. That’s if you accept me and mine. Let’s chill and accept all I have to give. Sweet words are meaningless, these are all true emotions spoken from the heart and soul. This world will not last long, but I can truly enjoy every minute of it as long as I’m with you.

So I ask again, will you open up your heart? If you do I promise to give you mine. So what do you say? Will you burn my letter or will we mount on the fireplace in a house build on love? A constant reminder of where we once started, staring at while we continue to enjoy loves journey. Watching as it serves as a everlasting reminder that true love does exist.

Copyright © 2011


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