Through That Door

She breaks down because I am always on the go. I simply tell her that I’ll be back. She knows I really love her but can’t help to see the sad eyes every time I step through that door. Every time I step back through it, she is there waiting for me.

It hurts every time I have to leave. Looking back at those sad eyes, wondering to myself if she’ll be there again when I return home. Will she continue to wait for me? Will she get tired and leave this home.  Will I wake up alone to a note in the morning? Will I be the one waiting for her to come home?

Yet, here I go stepping through that door again, always on the road. So far from home and her love. Why don’t I learn? Another road trip away from home. More lonely tears rolling down her face and I’m not there to wipe them away.

Will saying sorry as I walk out this door yet again hold you once more?  Will it keep you warm on cold nights when I’m not home? You know I really love you and do this for the both of us.

So as I step back out through this door one more time, will you be home to greet me once more? Baby, I’ll be back home for sure. So wait for me just one more time. Promise me you’ll be here when I step through that door.

Copyright ©2012 Robert Brown


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