Dracula’s mentor, a curse upon curse’s

The most vile, despicable creature to walk

He sits in the very front of the church

So he can watch the preacher sweat

Dipping his finger into the holy water

Smiles and wipes it on an infants forehead

A detestable creature embracing murder

Stalking under the lifeless new moon, thirsting

The vilest of fiends cower when he hunts

Jack the Rippers role model in the flesh

Devouring the flesh with his mandible

The very extension of his lust manifest

The screams were never heard,

As if they were devoured by the shadows

Drinking in the essence, not speaking a word

If he did, the night sky would shiver

Demons and devils would shrink in fear

No one dares travel down his red river

No place for him in heaven

Even hell closed off its gates

The most sadistic, vile being in creation

This he appreciates, consuming his victims

Neither hell nor heaven shall tame his appetite

If he ever wrote a book,

It would be the most sinister literature

on how to cook an angel hanging from a hook

How to peel its flesh before God without censor

Slowly pluck each and every feather leisurely

Succeeding in making Lucifer jealous

But even he’d be too zealous to turn away

He is the most diseased mind to walk Earth

A living hell with a beating dark heart

The most appalling, most detestable

He is the most vile creature to ever exist….


Copyright ©2012 [Michael New Moon Carter]


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