Double Standards

He with the boys, popping bottles and smoking

He sees her from a far, rating her smoking

A few sweet words and then they’re all alone

His thoughts are in the moment, not back at home

A moment of lust with no cares in the world

Never mind who he hurts, he’s making toes curl

She with the girls, ladies night out

Dancing their stress away but one guy stands out

Eying her up and her girls are encouraging her

Talking her up, the ring on her finger should deter

But he ain’t minding so why should she

And they were off under the lights of the city

If only she noticed her ring resting in his backseat

But the focus is sweated out amongst the heat

He notices her missing ring, a symbol of their love

Little explanation so she confesses and tries to hug

Not accepting it, he pushes her away

She would throw away 8 years for a nights play

Calls her names, she’s heard worse but this hurts most

They were so close, now she feels so gross

He tells her no amount of apologies can cure the pain

Anger, not thinking of his condom washed away by the rain

Showering off the scent of another woman pissed

While his woman is crying with a knife to her wrist

Copyright© Taihair Brown 2012


One response to “Double Standards

  1. WOW!!! That’s very well written, Tai!!! I love it!!! Your writing is amazing. I can picture the scene and visualize what’s going on as I read your words!! Wonderful!!!

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