A Writer’s Thank You

Will you catch me if I fall?

Would you answer if I call?

What a stupid questions to ask

Its in friendship I enjoyed this bath

When I fell with no place else to go

You called me and opened you door

Gave me your couch in a warm house

Even went and put food in my mouth

Kept me from breaking down

When I felt like I would drown

You friendship kept me sane

One of the few reasons I can maintain this lane

And you never asked for any money, true friends

For this, you’ll be family till the very end

You motivated me to write my thoughts

It was love and we never ever fought

Started writing for you and you embraced it

Told me I should keep doing it and never quit

Thanks to you, I discovered a long lost love

Reading every word, it was me you were proud of

I’m just sorry I messed our love up how I did

But to this day I’m still writing, smiling like a happy kid

Though you’re no longer in my life, my own fault

I’m still thankful for your motivation during that call

You the one Dracula would have nightmares about

Reason, at night, Jack the Ripper doesn’t go out

In a world where respectful peers are far and few

Your works challenge me, trying to keep up with you

Motivated me to embrace the darkness in my own pen

Pushed me to write a dark story with a twist in the end

When I’m stuck and I see you pushing away

I know I got to sit and focus and write anyway

A writer’s peers are his greatest inspiration

So I write to kill your killers and spook a new generation

I’ll keep writing till my fingers fall off

Till my pen runs out of ink in the fall

Till my computer keys no longer work

Staring at the computer till my eyes hurt

Even to those that read everything I post

Those whom I appreciate most

Fans before I even gain fans

I promise not to disappoint if I can

I’ll keep writing these words with a passion

So I say thank you to all in a writer’s fashion

Thank you for being there when I needed it

Thank you for inspiring me when I needed it

Every work is dedicated to you all

My motivation for knocking down walls

Even if I don’t say it

This is a writer’s thank you

Copyright© Taihair Brown 2012


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