Up Late

I sit up wondering why I’m still awake

Trying to find the off switch

Shut my mind off so I can sleep

It’s a depressed man these thoughts make

If I knew what bothered me, I’d tell

Yet I’m still asking that question

Not finding any answers in this haze

Is this what they consider a living hell?

If I prayed, would it ease my eyes closed?

Maybe I should give it a try

But I’ll be mad to find myself still awake

Delirious and my thoughts feel so exposed

Laying down hoping to force sleep

Staring up, my thoughts on repeat

Searching for the off switch

Maybe I should try counting sheep

Tossing and turning in the bed

How often have I checked the clock?

Time goes by yet still dreaming awake

Wishing that these thoughts could be shed

Sitting up instead of dreaming

I should just pick up this pen

Get to writing these thought down

Something before I start screaming

Sitting on the floor taken to the bait

Writing to mankind to maintain sanity

Knowing well that I’ll now be up longer

A writers endless night forever up late

Copyright© Taihair Brown 2012


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