A Beautiful Death

I sit in this tub of water with confusion and chaos

Steam dancing beautifully to a song in my head

Don’t be afraid to die is the chorus to this song

At the end of the final verse will be no flowers

In this little tub I’ve filled my whole world

How is this possible I wonder to myself

Putting the cigarette to my lips, I embrace

What am I embracing? Only the nicotine knows

Can the world see what I see across on the shelf?

A reflection of myself or the man I used to be?

Is it true that real men never die? Or was I something else?

No longer remember though it doesn’t matter

This warm water feels good on my body sinking lower

Cigarette smoke blending in with the bath steam

Wish I could float up with, no shackles or weight

I guess I’ll wait just a little bit longer for the kick

Feeling it kick in, hazy cloud like a distant dream

And I still hear it telling me don’t be afraid to die

Confusion and chaos my only company in this dream

They sit calling me a coward but it’s my time

I’ve spent it all, done it all and I have nothing left

So why not embrace the tragedy than hold on to my sanity

I’d like to wish you all peace. Such a Beautiful Death

Copyright©2012 Taihair Brown



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