Hard to Get

Wait, I had to retrace my steps

Couldn’t handle the hand I was dealt

You were playing hard to get

Wouldn’t give me the time of day

Corny lines didn’t even get a giggle

Would it be love at first sight?

Would that catch your attention?

Baby wait, come on now wait

Okay, I won’t call you baby again

But can we just talk a little

I promise you won’t be disappointed

I’m not looking for a booty call

I just want to be able to call

Maybe cook you a little dinner

Sing you a couple of love songs

Though I really can’t sing at all

Oh see, I think I saw a smile

All men are alike?

How can you say that?

You haven’t even gotten to know me

I promise I can change your mind

If not, I’ll cut off my right arm

Now I got you laughing

Now how about we get some coffee

No need to play hard to get

Copyright ©2012 Taihair Brown


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