We used to be close friends, ride or die

That was our motto, homies for life

Not knowing what the future held

We just knew to have each other’s back

Dreams of making it out this poison

Cement cemetery that we called home

Seen it devour even the strongest of men

But we knew we’d be okay

Brothers from different mothers

Side by side trying to survive

Staying up late talking about dreams

No doctors or President dreams or thoughts

Just live long enough to get out the hood

Walking home from school

Laughing and cracking jokes

Trying to holler at the sultry cuties

Soldiers of a kind in a mad mans world

Needed nothing as long as we had us

Brothers in the struggle

I had his back and he had mines

But there’s a twist to every tale

But still, how did it get like this?

Standing over his cold body

Gun smoking from the rounds fired

Feels as if it’s my soul seeping out

Leaving alongside my humanity

Looking down on the empty vessel

Blood spilling out

The surprise in his eyes tells a tale

My brother in arms gone in a flash

Am I the hero or the villain?

Did I save his soul from this prison?

Or did I slay my only friend?

Falling victim to the poison here

I opened fire and his body dropped


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