Letter to the World

Thinking back to when I was conceived

Parents happy for the blessing they received

Unaware of the future misery I’d face

Trying to find a way to stay warm in a cold place

A world made to slowly kill a child
Hate stretching shore to shore for a miles

A world unaware of the pain it can cause

Continue to turn without pause

Not even a slow down in rotation

So I ran wild, ducking laws and probation

I plead guilty to being a child of fate

Born hollow and passed an empty plate

Should I be punished for this life given?

One I never asked for, an open prison

Don’t mistake it, I’m not complaining

Just writing this letter contemplating

Hoping that you’ll one day understand

That even though I fell, I tried to stand

Dear lord can you hear me?

I’m writing to the world from this dark sea

Hoping they won’t let another seed drown

Not another youth to die without a sound

No voice to scream out for help

Unable to ease the terrible pain I felt

There’s no need to trade places

Just embrace the youth easing their hatred

Let them feel love in the form of hugs

Lending a hand when they feel evils tug

Writing this letter to the world on my knees

Begging it to not sacrifice any more seeds

Copyright ©2012 Taihair Brown


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