I live screaming because monsters are scheming

A nightmare, even when I’m awake I’m dreaming

The thought that I’m possessed is what they’re thinking

Cause I get to talking in tongues when I’m drinking

He must be one with Satan is what they’re screaming

But it’s the nefarious images in my head they not seeing

No way to drown out the voices in my head its seeming

Keeping me off balance these monsters continue streaming

Images in my head, so at ghosts I now stand swinging

Pushing loved ones away cause they see me bleeding

Woken up at night by my screams in the dead dark evening

Chills that would freeze the devil that keeps these monsters cheering

Please put the lights out to prevent these monsters feeding

Pull the trigger to shut out the screaming and leave me bleeding

This world I wouldn’t mind leaving, ceasing my breathing

But every time I get the feeling, I fail and absorb the beating

All the while, monsters laugh, not leaving with eyes gleaming

These monsters in my head hold, screaming and scheming

Tormenting my existing with voices echoing and ringing

Forgive me for my screaming for this nightmare I am living


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