Dark Imagination

Hi, I’m your dark imagination

I was sleep in your subconscious

There’s no turning me off, so listen

Pick up that knife, feel its weight

Let it talk to you

What are you shaking for?

Take two steps to the right

Turn down that hall

Walk 20 paces

Now slowly open that door

Don’t make too much noise

Your dear wife is sleeping so sound

Walk up to her

Admire that beautiful face

Sleeping so peacefully

Now give her a joker’s smile

Why hesitate?

Just listen to me

That’s the way

Cover her mouth

No need for her to wake the kids

It’s mommy and daddy time

We’re too far to second guess

Why you blaming me?

You’re the one holding the knife

Alright I’ll help you, watch

Don’t mind the blood

Leave the dark room

Take the body too silly

You know the saw in the garage?

See, now you get it

Make sure to close the door

Don’t want the kids waking up

Feel the blade cutting flesh

Hearing the crunching of bone

Don’t worry, she feels nothing

Just keep cutting

Bag all the remains

The little tiny pieces

Trash day’s tomorrow right?

Don’t forget to toss the sheets

Not as difficult as you thought

Mommy just went on a trip

That’s what you’ll tell the kids

You went to bed, she was there

Woke up and she was gone

That’s what you’ll tell everyone else

Just listen to me

Everything will be okay

And if the kids ask too many questions

There’s always the other knife

…..you know the one



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