Every where I’m not, you’re there

Dancing to a beat, tossing your hair

And I keep chasing after you like a dream

Always a step behind, a day late it seems

Yet somehow, I keep pursuing you

Feeling feverous asking if it’s the flu?

Head over heels, sick with love

When I want to quit, I feel your tug

But I turn and you’re gone again

Blown away with my heart in the wind

And like a hound I’m trying to catch a scent

Back on the trail to see where you went

Get close, point and take aim

Hoping my feelings spark a flame

If only your heart feels the same

Asking myself if you even know my name

Yet here I am chasing after phantoms

If this were a song, would it be the loser’s anthem?

Always chasing after you, never coming close

Blame love, I can’t stop the pursuit of ghosts



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