I woke up early in the morning thinking to survive

Giving my life but to never be acknowledged for it

Suited politician’s debate on what to do with it

Making decision with my life in their hands

Yet I march on, not for them but for these children

Those that play soldier as innocent little kids

Though many will grow not understanding the courage

Who will understand my struggle, the pain, and strife?

Sharing a bunk with brother death and his cousin Ares

Who will see the reality of living by the gun?

Cause I will watch my bothers in arms die by it

Knowing when I get back home, I’ll receive pats on the back

Minor parades for a small few before we’re all forgotten

History will tell the tales of us nameless soldiers

And life will go on with us fading into the gun smoke

The ultimate fate of a soldier is to be forgotten

When the dust settles and the last bullet is spent

Who will really remember our sacrifice?

But I march on knowing I serve the greater purpose

That’s the meaning of the service and I salute it proudly



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