She’s Not You

itting here with a drink in my hand, it’s 4am

I’m sitting here, hours from my wedding

Looking at two pictures, one is my boo

But can’t help but think, she is not you

I know, it should be you with me

I should be seeing you curled up in my sheets

So why didn’t I take you seriously?

Words you were leaving didn’t worry me

Now I’m thinking of what things could be

But I couldn’t see what was in front of me

I still love you very much, but she isn’t you

Back then, I never knew-

Knew what you truly meant to me

And now here I sit at 5:30

Another drink has been poured

All I can think of is you and your kiss

More pain than passion, yet I wish-

Wish I could have those days back

Or rather just you matter of fact

Creating new memories under the sun

But now the bottle is done

When I see her walking down that aisle

and I don’t see your smile

Even when I finally say I do

I’m reminded that she’s not you


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