Still holding on to the word “maybe”

Maybe I’ll get a call back from that job

Maybe she’ll come back into my life

Maybe I can see my kids tomorrow

Maybe I’ll give up drinking this brown poison

Maybe I’ll quit being so negative

Maybe I’ll be a man and call my mother

She hasn’t heard from me in over a year

Don’t want her to know the failure that is her son

Maybe I’ll visit my father’s grave

Maybe it’ll give me the courage to be the man he was

Maybe if I was, I wouldn’t be broke and unwed

My inner self asks if I know any other words

Maybe, but they don’t seem to register immediately

Maybe I’m too stupid to think of them

Maybe I’m just a man with too many regrets

Maybe I need God in my life

Maybe I’ll go to church in the morning

Maybe I won’t have a repeat of last weekend

Too drunk to budge even for evening service

Maybe I’m just wasting my time

So whom am I kidding?

Maybe I should just sit here talking to the bottle

Maybe I’ll toss this bottle out the window

Clean myself up, shave, and stand straight

Maybe I’ll accept the world for what it is

Embrace the sunshine and life for the first time

Maybe make a change in my life for the better

Starting tomorrow though, I’ll get it done


©2012  Taihair Brown



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